Who is Prickle Emporium?

So who is behind Prickle Emporium? Where did it come from ? Well, let me tell you!

I'm Emilié, and I've been obsessed with plants for years. Some may even say 'too obsessed', I say there's no such thing! My own collection of plants grew to 135 plants at its highest point.

During lockdown v1, I started to think of starting Prickle Emporium. I tried and tested a lot of logos and name ideas. Then finally, after a huge amount of encouragement from a very close friend, I chose what I wanted it to be and starting creating this website. I did everything myself, from hand illustrating the logo to the nitty gritty SEO detailing of this site. I got the stock and launched in August 2020.

Now coming up to a year later, things could have been done better and faster, I know that for sure. After all the lockdowns ended, general life started to take over again and I tried to stretch myself way too thin. After having more support and help from The Princes Trust, I really want to get back on track and get this going better than ever!

Recently I've been trying to bring Prickle Emporium more to you. I mostly run from my online store but I want to change that. My plants are now appearing in local coffee shops like Willows Coffee House and More of the Good Stuff. Im trying to find similar shops and opportunities, as they are the perfect types of places to work with.

So what's next? I'm branching out and finding more stores and cafes to work with. I soon hope to have some market stalls in a few local events too. Then in September, Prickle Emporium will be moving to Portsmouth! Where I will be continuing to branch out and finding new local people and hopefully gain a bigger following. Allowing me to upgrade my stock and gain a wider variety of plants for you all!

I really hope you all stick around to see what to come. I guess I've learned that I really need to take things one step at a time instead of a million things at once! Thank you for reading, please share with anyone/anywhere you think may want to work with Prickle Emporium to sell and provide amazing and unique plants!

Love Em x

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